Tessa Shoebridge

 Chef about town

About Me

I am a chef who has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, completing my City and Guilds in 1986. I have a passion for taking amazing ingredients and turning them into something excitingly different. I am passionate about working with food and all that it entails. 

 I have been in a number of chef positions for many years but now my true dream is to be a pastry chef. This is something I have been dreaming of for a very long time and have been studying patisserie at the NSIA in Albany. I completed level 4 in 2008 and have been doing level 5 culinary arts in 2009 which will give me a diploma in culinary arts. I've nearly completed the course and am doing the last unit part-time which has given me time to launch my custom bakery business Sweet Expectations which launched in July 2009.

As well as being a chef I enjoy working with and helping people. I currently volunteer at  the  West Auckland Hospice teaching cooking to partners, survivors and family members. I also take care of some older people in their homes.

That gorgous creature up there with me is my partner Bruce, he is my favourite supporter and fan. Without his love and support of everything I do, including  me giving up full time work to study I dont think I could have coped nearly as well as I did in the past year.

This year I have competed in two Chef competitions, 1 regional and the Salon Culinare  In the fruit flan competitions,  In both competitions I have won Bronze medals.